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We take paid advertisements for companies that want their company information or event information to appear on our Slide. This is in addition to the free listing on our directory (listings on our site is free). The cost is as follows:
For Company Information:
1) Company Banner/Information on slide for 1 Year -: Half Slide = 15,000 naira,
Full Slide = 20,000 naira
2) Company Information on Half slide for 6 Months = 9,000 naira
Full Slide = 15,000 naira
3) Company Information on Half slide for 3 Months = 5,000 naira
Full Slide = 10,000 naira 
To Advertise an Event: (Other Slots)
1) Event Information on  slide for 6 Months = 12,000 naira
2) Event Information on slide for 3 Months = 7,000 naira
3) Event Information on slide for 2 Months = 5,000 naira
To put your information on the slide please use the following form to give us your information. We shall instantly add your information on the slide as soon as we confirm your payment.
Payment Method:
We accept only Bank Deposits for now. Our Bank detail is as follows:
Bank:  Zenith Bank
Account Number: 1010181334
After making payment please send your payment details inclusive of the name you used to pay, the amount you paid, the date of payment and the deposit slip number to info@nigeriaeventspeople.com or send same as sms to 0703 659 0798. Or 0803 929 1065. Activation of your slide shall be instant!
Use this form to submit information about your Advert: